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About Emile Driving School, LLC
Emile Driving School , LLC leading driving school in Malden, has been offering auto serves in Malden and surrounding communities. It has been a popular and growing business that has accommodated students with different levels of driving experiences.

Joseph Emile Marsan, the founder/owner, has worked in the business for over 30 years. He gains a respectable reputation on his outstanding expertise in the automotive industry.

At Emile driving school we teach students how to drive responsibility with basic driving. We prepare our students from the beginning and up until their road test.

Our instructors are very patient with their students on achieving these goals. With their passion for teaching, instructors bring up much more than driving skills, but confidence within their students so they can achieve much more out of life.

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Student Expectation

Students who are interested in signing up for driving education school must be at the age of 15(+10 months) to attend classes but MUST be 16 and have a learner’s permit or driver’s license in order to take behind the wheel lessons. The program is a 3 week intensive driving school course program. In the classroom, students will be taught an in-depth material that is offered in the Massachusetts Driver Manual and much more from videos and exposure.

The first is the pre-driving check; students must understand every aspect of the car, inside and out. Students must be familiarwith the functions in the interior of the car, such as the gears, mirrors, the hand brake, the wheel, the accelerator, brake pedal, the different types of lights, and signals. Student must know the meaning of hand signals as well and understand that the basic parts of driving is starting and stopping.

Our students must grasp the concept of starting and stopping before they move on to more difficult things like parallel parking, backing up approximately 50 to 100 feet, left-right turns, start/stop/turn vehicle on hill,. and three point turns. Our students will master these aspects until they actually perform on the road. They will learn good driving skills and learn the rules before entering and leaving an intersection, recognizing and obeying traffic signs, light and signal and having high way driving ability.