The Worst NBA Team of All Time

In the NBA some teams follow a great season with a horrible one, other systematically destroy themselves with poor personnel choices, some teams are too young or new to know how to compete and some teams are just traditionally bad. What follows is a list of the ten worst teams in NBA History, each with their own unique story attesting to their futility.

10. 1994 95 Los Angeles Clippers (Record 17 65, Coach Bill Fitch)

This team did things big, namely in terms of losing. They lost 16 consecutive games to start the season, falling one short of the '88 expansion Miami Heat at the time. They lost several games by double digits plus throughout the season. Just two years removed from the cheap nba jerseys free shipping with a talented young team trying to learn how to win behind Danny Manning and Ron Harper this team had raw talent at best. Also with Harper and Manning on other teams Loy Vaught was the only player of note in one of the worst seasons in Clipper History.

9. Carr)

The Boston Celtics had fallen on hard times in the early '90s. Larry Bird and Kevin McHale retired, Robert Parish left the team, and Reggie Lewis passed away suddenly. With the loss of Lewis, Kevin Gamble and Dee Brown never fulfilled their roles that management had intended for them to take alongside Lewis. By 1996 the franchise was a mess and in reports that have surfaced around this year's NBA draft, the Celtics did indeed tank the season to try to draft Tim Duncan 1 in 1997. Carr, who verified the accuracy of the report was the coach and explained the difficulty of carrying out the orders to tank the season. This team was better than it could have been with Antoine Walker and David Wesley as the names of note during this lost season, and as we all know the Celtics did not receive the 1 pick in the 1997 draft.

8. 1981 82 Cleveland Cavaliers (Record 15 67 Coaches Don Delaney, Bob Kloppenburg, Chuck Daly, Bill Musselman)

The list of coaches alone shows you what a horrible season this was for the 1981 '82 Cavaliers but this only tells part of the story. This was the first full season that Ted Stepein was the owner and starting the year before he started trying to use first round draft cheap nba jerseys from china to quick build the Cavaliers. This backfired as this team's most consistent and steady player during the season was James Edwards! Not exactly a superstar by any definition of the word, Mike Mitchell put up fantastic numbers but only played 27 games. However despite four head coaches, terrible signings, and a 15 67 record the worst was yet to come for Cleveland fans. The 1982 1 overall pick which originally belonged to Cleveland was used by the Los Angeles Lakers to draft James Worthy.

7. 1976 1977 New York Nets (Record 22 60, Coach Kevin Loughery)

Sometimes another team is responsible for a team having a lousy season. This was a textbook case of that scenario as the ABA's final champion struggled mightily in its NBA debut. The Nets had to pay an additional territorial invasion fee to the New York Knicks in addition to the fee that they had to pay the NBA to join. In order to make ends meet and to complete the transition to the NBA Roy Boe sold Julius Erving to the Philadelphia 76ers. This move sent the Sixers to the Finals and the Nets to the cellar. The only silver lining for the Nets was that the Knicks (who were paid the additional fee) missed the playoffs as well.

6. 1982 1983 Houston Rockets (Record 14 68, Coach Del Harris)

This team was doomed from the beginning of the season and everyone in the NBA and that covered the NBA knew it. However the Rockets still had enough talent on hand to be competitive despite the loss of the league MVP from the previous season, Moses Malone. Very few observers felt that this team would finish with a 14 68 record. There have been rumors that the Rockets tanked to ensure a top two pick this season like they did in 1984. This wasted career building seasons by Allen Leavell and James Bailey who if not possibly forced to tank would have turned into stronger players for the Rockets. In the draft The Rockets of course took Ralph Sampson as well as Rodney McCray, the new foundation of the 1986 Western Coference Champions.

5. 1967 1968 Seattle Supersonics (Record 23 59, Coach Al Bianchi)

This team was one of the more memorable but also one of the worst NBA Andrei Kirilenko jerseys teams for one simple reason. This team did not play any defense whatsoever. They scored 118 points per game which helped them sell tickets, but in return this philosophy led to the Sonics giving up 125 points per game over the course of the entire season. This entertaining initial season was the most memorable for the Supersonics and their fans until 1971 72 when the Sonics produced their first winning record.

4. 1947 1948 Providence Steamrollers (Record 6 42 Coaches Albert Soar, Nat Hickey)

The NBA's first really bad team, this team averaged 69 points per game while giving up nearly 81 points per game. They went through two coaches, never a good sign for any NBA team during the course of a season. Their leading scorer was Kenny Sailors, at just under 13 points per game. The lack of offense and defense ultimately did this team in, and despite the fact that this franchise folded they left their mark on NBA History, even though it is not the best history.

3. 1997 1998 Denver Nuggets (Record 11 71, Coach Bill Hanzlik)

In 1994 the enduring image of Dikembe Mutombo clutching the ball after Denver's first round upset of Seattle was the signature moment that announced to the rest of the league that the Nuggets and their coach Dan Issel were the NBA's team of the future. Four years later the core of that team: Coach Issel, Mutombo, Mahmoud Abdul rauf, Reggie WIlliams, Robert Pack, and Rodney Rogers were gone. All that was left in Denver from that core was a hobbled Laphonso Ellis and an injured Bryant Stith. Surrounded by a bunch of forgettable players and journeymen the 1997 '98 Nuggets were one of the most anemic teams on the court in NBA History. A franchise that one time was moving up and then crashed as quickly as it rose. It wouldn't be until the arrival of Carmelo Anthony that this team recovered from this season.

2. 1992 93 Dallas Mavericks (Record 11 71, Coaches Richie Adubato and Garfield Heard)

The descent into darkness for the Mavericks culminated during the 1992 93 NBA Season much the same way that the 1997 98 Nuggets did. The Mavericks appeared in the 1988 Western Conference Finals, but the core of that team was gradually traded away, had legal issues, or signed with other teams. The 1992 trade of Rolando Blackman warned Maverick fans and Derek Harper (the last holdover from that '88 team) that it would be a long season in Dallas. However no one knew that the Mavericks would be bad enough to flirt with NBA History for the worst record ever by a team over an 82 game season. The only bright spot for this team was the appearance of Derek Harper and Mike Iuzzolino in the NBA Jam video game. Yes this season was so bad for the Mavericks that they flirted with the loss record again the following season. The Mavericks were a joke to the league from this season until they made the playoffs in 2001.

1. 1972 73 Philadelphia 76ers (Record 9 73, Coaches Roy Rubin, Kevin Loughery)

The toxic standard for NBA futility over the course of an NBA season occurred with this team, and it did not have to be this way. After the Sixers won the NBA title in 1967, they imploded against the Boston Celtics in 1968. Ownership and Chamberlain did not get along and instead of letting nba jerseys china retire and receiving nothing they traded Chamberlain to Los Angeles for basically Archie Clark. With the loss of Billy Cunningham to the ABA and the rest of the 1967 championship team core leaving or retiring the 1972 73 Sixers were thin with their only notable player being the soon to be retired Hal Greer. Fred Carter rose from obscurity to lead this overmatched team in scoring and this was the only good thing you can say about this season for Philadelphia.

Published by Michael Arden

A former reporter and host for an NPR affiliate in Yuma Arizona, Michael Arden has decided to continue his reporting/writing for Yahoo Voices writing about a more broad range of topics. Michael believes that. Tall as mountains and powerful as locomotives, they are the 10 most physically imposing NBA players of all time. Who will be No. 1?Kobe Bryant is the Best Athlete of All TimeKobe Bryant is the greatest athlete of all time. That's right, Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers. The Boston "D" PartyThe Life of Man: Chris PaulNBA All Star Kevin Garnett Trade.

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