The Importance Of Practicing To Drive At Night

Not all drivers are confident while driving at night, even those who do not have vision problems. Factors like less visibility, being too tired and poor weather conditions increase the risk of getting into accidents at night. If you are not too confident about driving at night, you need to enrol into a defensive driving school in Malden in order to sharpen your night driving skills. The following tips will help you to be more confident when driving at night and also help to keep you safe.

Use headlights

It is good to adopt a habit of having your headlights on more often than not. Most drivers still struggle to drive around using the sun set light before dusk. It is best to turn your headlights an hour before dusk. This not only helps you to see the road clearly, but it also helps other motorists to see you. Also, turn on headlamps during times of bad weather especially during thunderstorms. However, when using headlamps, be careful not to use high beams when there are many vehicles on the road not to make it difficult for them to see the road.

Do not follow too closely

When taking driving lessons, instructors advise drivers not to follow the vehicle ahead too closely. This also applies during night driving. It is a terrible idea to break this rule especially when driving at night. Driving too closely can make the other driver too nervous which can make him or her react badly causing an accident. Also, when you drive too closely, your headlights become brighter and this can limit the visibility of the driver ahead of you causing problems. It is advisable to put a reasonable distance between you and the driver ahead to give yourself ample space that will help you react better in case there is a problem ahead.

Be alert and keep your eyes moving

When driving, it is important to be aware of your surroundings. At night, you need to be more alert and check your mirrors regularly to help you keep an eye on other vehicles. At night you need to worry more about other motorists’ mistakes than your own and that means you need to be at the top of your game by learning defensive driving skills. To make your night vision more clear, ensure that your mirrors are pointed in a direction that will lose any glare.

Stay awake

If you are planning to drive for a long distance during night time, you need to prepare yourself both psychologically and physically for the trip. If you are not used to driving for long hours during the night, ensure that you get enough rest during the day before starting your journey. Most people are accustomed to resting and sleeping during night time.  Automatically the body starts to slow down at night and so you have to trick it to agree to the new night driving plan. If possible, try to leave early when there is still daylight so that your mind and body can adjust.

Watch out for animals

Long distance night driving mostly means that you will have to drive through vast open fields. A lot of creatures and animals roam around during the night so you need to keep an eye for such. Be on the lookout for any moving creatures and be careful not to drive at very high speeds to allow you to steer away from objects and animals if need be.

Avoid using medication before driving

Drivers are strictly advised against using any type of medication while driving at night. Some medication may cause drowsiness or impede a driver’s judgement. If you are using any type of strong medication, it is best to avoid driving at night or get a designated driver if travelling is a must.

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