Safety Tips for New Drivers

Whenever you go on the road, remember someone is waiting for you at home. Safety should be the first and foremost concern for all drivers.

In order to avoid accidents and travel safely, it stands necessary to follow traffic rules and keep a check on yourself. For a healthy and long life always refer to safer driving.

Here are certain driving tips for the new drivers:

1) Follow the traffic rules: One should always follow traffic rules for one’s own well being.

Do follow the traffic signals, avoid breaking them because they may cost you your own life. In addition to that, make sure to wear a helmet and a seat belt.


2)Avoid using mobile phones: It is advised not to use mobile phones while driving as it may destruct your concentration and risk your life. Therefore it is suggested to park your vehicle at some corner and then attend your phones. Also, it is a crime to use phones while driving, and you might end up getting yourself involved in any of such cases. So it is better to take precautions than facing the consequences, hence avoid usage of cell phones while driving


3)Exercise speed limit rules: While driving, it is essential to consider the speed limit rules at all times. The restrictions placed on vehicle speed are carefully selected to maximize the safety of drivers. Speed limits are established as per the road measures and are necessary to be followed. Especially on highways, it is essential to limit your speed for security purposes.


4)Avoid distractions: Mobile phones are not the only distractions while driving. Changing CD’s, eating while driving, listening to songs at a high volume, interacting with the fellow passengers all are a source of distractions for the driver. It is crucial to avoid any kind of disruptions while driving as they may divert the concentration of the driver and increase the risk of accidents.


5) Consider the weather conditions: Accidents are likely to take place during foggy, rainy, or snowy weather. Therefore it is recommended to take all sorts of precautions during these conditions. Avoid driving at a higher speed in such weather as it will only lead to dangering your life. Drive with patience and follow the principles for staying safe in a particular situation you are facing.


6) Be patient: The main cause of accidents is impatient drivers who are always in a hurry to reach from one position to another. The main concern is safety, reaching 10-15 minutes late to any place won’t make a huge difference. Being patient is very necessary in every situation of life, be it driving or anything else. So always exercise tolerance for a more safer experience while driving.


7)Take care of safety equipment: Always remember to carry a helmet while driving one a two-wheeler and wear a belt while traveling in four-wheelers. It is not only mandatory for the person who is driving to wear these safety equipment; it is mandatory for the fellow passengers as well. Safety should be the primary motto of all the people traveling.


8)Provide the way: Make sure to provide the way to others. Do not block the road or park your vehicle in an unsuitable area which may prevent the way. Remember that you are not the only driver on the road. Respect the fellow drivers and share the road with others.


9)Do not drink and drive: Avoid the subject of alcohol and drugs while driving. That’s because even a small concentration of alcohol in your body affects your driving ability and increases the risk of serious and fatal accidents.


10)Stay vigilant: Stay vigilant of other drivers and dangers in your surroundings while driving. One should remain alert while driving, review the traffic rules, follow the traffic lights and believe in safety while driving


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