Driving Techniques You Will Learn In An Advanced Driving Course

Learning how to drive can be quite challenging for a lot of people but once you get the hang of it, you will want to take things a notch higher and try something new. That is why there are advanced driving courses offered in many driving schools. Remember that advanced driving does not just teach you newer skills. It also makes sure you are safe when facing adverse situations on the road. Here are some driving techniques you will learn in an advanced driving course:


This will involve shifting into manual mode when driving an automatic car. If you own an automatic car and you have learned how to drive it without sweat, then perhaps you might want to know what happens in case you shift to manual mode. You will learn that in advanced driving and you will definitely be able to know if you will have the same smooth and efficient driving that you enjoy with automatic transmissions.

Handling all-wheel drive (AWD)

Basically, you already know how to operate a car with a two-wheel drive system. In an advanced driving course, you will learn much more than that, that is, to operate a car with a transmission system that always operates using all four wheels. This is otherwise known as all-wheel drive.

Handbrake turns

It will be very difficult to do handbrake turns if it is your first time. Depending on the season of the year and the surface you are working on, the more difficult it becomes. You cannot easily determine how much grip is needed in a given circumstance. Add to that, you might need some help using the handbrake turn in order to park your car. This is why it is important to attend advanced driving courses to allow you to adjust to any grip issue you will encounter.

Trail braking

Trail braking is something you should look forward to in an advanced driving course. It offers a lot of advantages apart from the fact that the technique will teach you how to use all the track as you achieve the desired line in a given corner. It can allow you to begin braking later than usual and will also help you discover the natural understeer tenancies of the car that you are using.

Heel-to-toe shifting

Matching those revs can be very difficult to do but once you have mastered how to shift down then you will be more than satisfied. Add to that the fact that you can go faster down the road and that your transmission components will be very happy with the shifting that you do. It will be good to use the brakes at all times too. You can master this driving technique during an advanced driving course.

Braking with the left foot

You may think that this is unnecessary but once you own wagons or other vehicles that require the use of the left foot when braking then you will realize that your assumption about left foot braking is not true at all. Doing this can be quite difficult at first that is why you need an expert to assist you as you learn the process.

Driving within limits

This is one driving technique that requires a lot of patience. Some of you just want to step on the gas and run as fast as you want to get to your destination. If you want to make sure you are safe on the road, you have to master the art of driving within limits and you can do so with advanced driving courses.

Enroll in an advanced driving school in Malden and learn all the driving techniques mentioned above as well as other driving strategies that you never knew existed!

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