Avoid These Mistakes When Taking A Driving Exam

After spending hours of practice in a driving school, every driving student looks forward to the day they get their driving license. However, the only thing that gets between wanting a driver’s license and acquiring it is a driving exam. Many driving students dread this day and making even a single mistake on your driver’s test can derail your driving exam. This article will provide you with tips you need to keep in mind so that you can focus on passing the test and avoid mistakes when taking your driving exam.

Rolling stops

Rolling through a stop is considered a dangerous mistake that is rewarded with an automatic fail. Rolling stops is when one approaches a stop sign and does not come to a complete stop behind the demarcation line. This happens a lot when the driver is nervous and is anxious to finish the test quickly that he or she does put the vehicle at a complete stop.

Not checking blind spots

When you are taking driving lessons in Malden, instructors will insist on the importance of checking blind spots. Not doing so can be dangerous and can also be an irritation to other vehicles on the road. Be careful to check blind spots when changing lanes or turning during your driver safety exam. You can exaggerate your shoulder checks when checking blind spots so that the instructor will notice.

Not changing lanes properly

Switching lanes is one of the important lessons a driver learns when taking driving classes. There are several steps a driver has to learn before he or she can change lanes successfully. When taking a driver safety exam, the instructor will be keen to check if you are careful before changing lanes. Ensure that you look out for any approaching cars before you do so. If the lane is clear, activate your signal before switching to the next lane. If you are making a turn, first check your blind spots and both your side and rear view mirrors.

Not driving with both hands

Whether you have some driving experience prior to taking your driving lessons, you should never be too confident to drive with one hand when taking a driver safety test. Driving instructors do not take this lightly and this is a big safety no-no. Whether you are an experienced driver or not, you should always drive with both hands since it helps when you need to react immediately to avoid something.  Don’t just drive with both hands; ensure that they are placed in the proper position on the steering wheel.


Before a driving test, student drivers are always given possible exam routes so that they can prepare themselves for the exam. Take time to research and find out the speed limits on the routes and where they increase or decrease. Be careful not to over speed especially in school zone areas. Over speeding consistently throughout your test will guarantee a fail.

Being too hesitant

Study has shown that although most road accidents are caused by erratic driving manoeuvres or driving too fast, some accidents are caused by hesitation. Never change lanes without calculating your moves and ensure they are crisp and pre-calculated.

Driving while you are distracted

Before taking your driver safety exam, ensure that the stereo and cell phone are turned off. This may seem like common sense but most drivers actually fail to adhere to this rule. Allow your mind to be free from all forms of distractions and focus on the road. Don’t be tempted to check your phone even while you are at a stop.

Good driving schools ensure they hire experienced instructors who ensure that all driving students are well prepared before they take their driver safety exam. Don’t be shy to ask your instructor for directions if you are not sure which move to make while driving to ensure you remain safe during the exam.

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