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How To Deal With Road Rage As A Beginner Driver

Road rage is something that happens all the time. You may be driving while listening to your favorite song when suddenly a car out of nowhere roars past and as if it is nothing at all, the driver swerves promptly cutting you off. The most annoying thing is that the driver of the vehicle does this act as if he is oblivious of his immediate environment.

Still, you may have come to a gentle halt when all of sudden a driver starts blaring horn behind you. It even gets worse when you check your rear view mirror. So how do you exactly deal with road rage as a beginner driver? These tips will show you how to handle the unexpected and stay safe on the road.

Learn to manage your emotions

It is very easy to get upset or angry. Yes! You may end up hurling a few curse words in the air or being tempted to step on the pedal and cut off your new road enemy just give him a test of his medicine. It is said that holding onto anger is like holding a very hot coal with the sole intent of throwing it to your enemy. The longer you hold the more you get hurt.

Therefore, the best way to handle road rage incidences is learning to manage your emotions. The guy who may have cut you off will be long gone by the time you start swearing. He will not even hear a word. So do not let your anger ruin your day, distract you when you are driving or make you do something that will cost you.

Dealing with anger

First and foremost, take a deep breath and gently release it. Repeat this for several minutes as you divert your attention to the apple of your eye. Now imagine that he or she has just called you and is desperately in need of your help and you are the only option in terms of aid. Think of how you would be driving if that happened to be the case.

Now put the driver who just made you mad into the same situation. There you go! At first, you may mind may be a little rebellious to this reasoning. However, you will soon figure that the person is possibly driving recklessly on the road because he is in a predicament. Though there is no clear way to ascertain it, it could actually be the case. This will help you manage the anger.

Stay calm

Taking deep breaths really helps in this case. Once you have a firm grip of your emotions, you can try to focus on something else preferably something that you like to do. You can also look forward to exciting things you will be doing during the day just to lighten the mood. By doing so, you will be changing your thought pattern and slowly getting rid of your anger.

As you let go of the anger, you will be calmer and you will have your attention on the road. The possibilities of taking an action that could lead to more acts of violence will be dimmer and you will be on the safer side.

As a beginner driver, there will be a lot to distract you on the road. Road rage is one of the common things that you will experience. Therefore, keep in mind that it does not just happen to you alone. It also happens to other people who have emotions just as much as you do. You can learn to manage your emotions. You can also go to an advanced driving school in Malden so that you can learn better driving techniques to keep yourself safe on the road.

Amazing Apps That Will Keep You From Texting When Driving

Most people know that it is really dangerous to text while driving yet they still do it. Where could the problem be? Some do it out of sheer reflex while others out of curiosity. Stealing a glance at your phone to answer a text can cost you dearly. Distracted driving is one of the leading causes of fatal road accidents and numerous injuries. Texting while driving not only puts your life in danger, but also endangers the life of every other person on the road. To avoid this bad habit, here is a list of amazing apps that will help you stay focused when you take the wheel.

This amazing app reads any incoming texts, emails and calls aloud. Thus, it eliminates the need to reach down for your phone when there is an incoming call or message, which may take your eyes off the road for a split second. That split second can cost you a lot if you are driving without the app. Thanks to the app, you no longer have to worry about phone distractions. The best part is that it responds to all your recipients automatically. You can go about conversations hands-free.

AT&T DriveMode

DriveMode is an app that limits certain feature on your phone. It does so by automatically sending preset replies to your recipients notifying them that you are driving. Once you launch the app, it proceeds to silence calls, emails and texts. Thus, you can hardly get distracted while driving. Most importantly, the app blocks you from reading or typing anything on your device. There is absolutely no room for distraction. It only allows you to dial 911 or make a maximum of 5 calls when driving thus guaranteeing safety.


This app will definitely amaze you. It goes a long way just to make sure that you do not mess at all on the road. How so? Well, it simply uses GPS to gauge the speed of your vehicle and if you are driving at 15mph for instance, it will totally disable texting. Therefore, you will not be able to receive any incoming texts or respond to one.

However, if you are driving at a speed lower than 10mph, you can unlock the messages and respond to them. What happens if you are in a train, which does more than 15mph? Well, if you have the app installed in your phone, you would have to request for permission from the admin. The admin will override the settings allowing you to use your phone.


This app is more or less like a personal assistant. It acts as a partial auto-text responder so that when you get a message, your eyes will still be on the road. Just like Textecution, it is also highly sensitive to motion and will completely disable texts if you are driving over 10mph. The best part about the app is that it easily allows you to preset the best reply texts in advance if you are certain that you are going to be preoccupied at a later time.

You no longer have to worry about distractions even as a beginner driver who has started driving lessons in Malden. It is important to take precautions to avoid causing harm to yourself and other people when driving. These apps simply ensure that your eyes are on the road all the time. Texting can be quite addictive especially if you like conversing via your mobile device. So if you know that you have the habit of texting when driving, get any of these apps and you will able to respond to a number of texts without exposing yourself to harm.

How To Prepare Your Car Before A Hurricane

When you have discovered that you are in a path of an impending hurricane, there are a few things you will have to do. Basically, you will need to prioritize your family’s safety. Of course, also included in your to-do-list is securing your property. Since you may be expecting to leave home at times like this, you will also need to prepare your car before the natural disaster comes. Here is what you should do in this regard:

Check all car bulbs

Make sure that every auto bulb is fully functional. Bulbs will include anything from your headlamps, brake lights and indicators to internal lighting and door ajar lights. You have to check engine lights as well as parking brake lights too. Replace any bulb that is not working properly to ensure you will be safe on the road in case the situation will require you to use your car when the storm comes.

Check on your car’s various fluid levels

Replenish them whenever necessary. There are different types of fluid that make your car fully operational. This will include engine oil, brake fluid, windshield wiper fluid, power steering fluid and coolant. This will also include the gas that goes into your gas tank. Make sure that you have topped off your gas tank and if you have a portable fuel can, make sure that one is filled with fluid as well. You have to make sure all these fluids have been filled exactly to the required level before the hurricane comes.

Checking on tire pressure matters as well

There may come a time during the storm when you will be forced to leave your home to go to higher grounds that flood or water cannot reach. In this case, you may be required to use your vehicle. The last thing you want is to discover that your tires do not have the exact pressure it needs to help you reach your destination. In this regard, you have to make sure all four tires including the spare tire have enough tire pressure. Make sure that you also have your tools ready in case you need to replace tires along the way.

Make sure that the windshield wipers are working

If not, you should replace them right away. Remember that the windshield wipers will help you see clearly on the road in case you need to move to another place during the storm. Make sure the wipers can move a large amount of water just enough to provide the visibility you need when driving in these situations.

You should be prepared with emergency tools

Emergency tools will include reflective warning triangles which you can make use of in case you will need to park your car on the road before or even during the storm. You can purchase emergency kits that include more than enough triangles to help warn other drivers that your car is parked on a certain side of the road. Position each triangle accordingly preferably one warning triangle 10 feet away from the bumper on the driver’s side. The other triangles should be placed a hundred feet away and 300 feet away from your car.

Remember to remove any unnecessary accessories on the car

They can be hazards to your safety especially when the wind starts to blow hard during the storm. Accessories will include anything from the bike rack, an extra antenna or any other temporary items found outside your car.

Disaster preparedness is very important when you know that hurricane is about to strike your location. Being prepared also means that you should know how to drive in adverse situations. For example, you can attend a defensive driving school in Malden to learn critical skills that can help you survive while driving during an impending hurricane.

What You Can Expect From Advanced Driving Courses

If you are interested to know more about advanced driving, the first thing you will probably do is search for information online. This may be the same reason you came across this article. In order to understand and appreciate the different courses offered in advanced driving, it will be good to know more about what you should expect from them.

Defensive driving courses

Often, people think that defensive driving courses are different from advanced driving courses. The truth is defensive driving forms part of the various courses you can enroll in when it comes to advanced driving. Defensive driving is a course where drivers are taught to be more aware of public roads while also becoming more familiar about reducing the risks of meeting accidents. In this course, you will have a better attitude when driving. You will be taught how to observe the road and be more aware of safe driving techniques. You will also be taught to react to road users in various situations.

Car control courses

Also known as car control focus courses, this particular advanced driving course teaches drivers about the differences between understeer and oversteer. Apart from introducing you to the concept of smooth driving, it will specifically cover topics about various braking techniques. Generally, car control courses will teach you to control your car using grip limitations. You have to be familiar with basic car controls before enrolling in an advanced car control course though.

Expect that this is the most fun among all advanced driving courses. It is also very important because it comes first before you even learn how to drive faster on the track. It will likewise introduce you to possible situations you will encounter once you are driving on the road. An example of which is avoiding an unexpected road hazard or encountering snow and icy patches on the track.

Courses on track techniques

Under track techniques, you will be taught more about speed on the road. This is specifically useful when driving sports or racing cars. When enrolled in these courses, you will be introduced to the so-called racing line which is a very important element when it comes to learning about track driving. You will be experiencing demonstration laps as well. The track will be marked with cones to help you become more familiar with braking, exit and apex points on the track. You will not be encouraged to race with other drivers though but you can learn to overtake.

Race craft courses

As the name of the course implies, expect that race craft courses will teach you techniques on how to race with other cars. This is a supplement to track driving courses and often employ the use of high performance karts instead of the regular cars. Take note though that while this is the case, you can always use the skills you have acquired from this course when using cars other than those used for racing.

Expect to have more theories introduced during the course. Make sure you have your pen and paper ready to jot down the most important notes. At the end of this course, you will be acquiring specialist track skills which you can use when you want to compete in professional race car related sports later on.

You do not have to undergo all advanced driving courses mentioned above. You can always choose one that will be best suited for your specific purpose when it comes to driving. It will be wise to choose an advanced driving school in Malden that can explain the different advanced driving courses to you before you even enroll in any one of them.

How To Get A Teenager Excited For Their Driving Lessons

Teenagers are often highly unpredictable and while you would naturally expect them to be extremely excited to get behind the wheel, some react to it with a total lack of enthusiasm and complete apathy. It could be that they are trying to be difficult or perhaps they truly find it challenging. Regardless of the reasons behind their indifference, here are a few tips to get them excited in attending a teen driving school in Malden:

Offer a reward

Your teenager is just as human as the rest of us. You can get anyone to do just about anything if you offer them an enticing reward in return. While it may not necessarily be possible to buy them a car immediately they complete the course, could you consider giving them the exclusive right to drive on specific hours of the day or maybe on the weekends?

It just might be that they feel there is no point in getting a license if they will not be driving. Make them feel useful by giving them chauffeuring assignments. Make them responsible for grocery shopping or school runs or any other assignment that gets them out and about. If they feel that their skills will make them useful in the household this might get them a bit more enthused to attend the driving lessons.

Help them face their fears

Believe it or not, learning to drive might just be a nerve-wrecking experience for your teen. Constant exposure to images of crash scenes and thinking of everything that could go wrong may just make them want to opt out of the experience altogether.

Help them understand that a very small percentage of drivers actually get involved in a serious crash. Reinforce the fact that the better they are at driving, the lower their chances of getting involved in an accident. Additionally, you could give them opportunity to gain more courage by driving around a parking lot until the activity starts to seem less daunting.

However, if your teenager has a learning disorder, you will need to exercise more caution by availing them to resources available for persons living with the particular disorder and help them attain independence and become safe drivers.

Make the learning process fun

Nothing spells fun more than doing things with the people you love. Join your teenager in driving school by enrolling for a class in defensive driving. If they feel that you are in this together they will certainly be more inclined to want to attend their own classes. Furthermore, think of all the things you will have to talk about at the end of the day.

If the lessons are eating up into the time they would have spent in other fun activities, shop around till you find a school that offers lessons that won’t interfere with their schedule. Do not settle for something that causes them unnecessary inconvenience and makes it an annoying chore.

Withdraw your taxi services

If you have tried being nice and considerate in every way and it still does not seem to work, you might want to give them one last nudge to get them to fly on their own wings as it were. Stop shuttling them to their various activities but do not stop mentioning the names of their friends who are already driving and show them how cool it is to be able to be independent and not need to call on mum to take them on their errands.

Remind them politely that if they took driving lessons and got their own license they would no longer have to be at your mercy to go where they need to go. This could be what they need as motivation to put in the work and get a license.

How A Defensive Driving Course Can Help You Get Better Insurance Rates

Defensive driving is aimed at preparing motorists to predict risky situations on the road and put in place strategies to avoid them in order to have a safe and incident-free driving experience. There are numerous reasons why you should consider taking a course in defensive driving in Malden. One of the foremost reasons is that drivers with this kind of training qualify for lower insurance rates. Consider a number of aspects to this form of training that make it possible to enjoy this provision:

Training in psychological factors

Drivers undertaking this course are trained to detect antagonistic driving behavior in others and to avoid the practice themselves. Road rage has been shown to be one of the leading causes of accidents and incidents on the road as it makes one lose sight of their immediate surroundings and clouds up their judgment.

Erratic driving, tailgating, use of obscene gestures are all signs to look out for and avoid at all cost. Additionally, certain situations like slow-moving traffic, general stresses of life or even fatigue might predispose a driver to aggressive behavior. This training assists drivers to handle such situations positively and avoid displaying road rage to other motorists.

Awareness of human factors

Thousands of motorists as well as pedestrians lose their lives every year because of drivers operating vehicles under the influence of drugs or alcohol. The course explains in great detail how these substances take a toll on one’s mind and body making them highly inclined to making poor decisions.

It demonstrates how the driver’s motor skills and judgment are compromised as well as how their inhibitions are lowered raising their likelihood of misreading situations around them and putting other road users in danger.

Incidence preparedness

The course also offers training for circumstances where on the off chance that after following all of the above tips you still find yourself in a sticky situation. Statistics indicate that most of the crash-related casualties might have been avoided if the motorist and his passengers properly utilized safety equipment while driving.

The use of safety belts, car seats or boosters for children and having the vehicle’s airbags in the right condition effectively reduce the risk of serious injury or death during an accident. The course teaches useful tips on how to use them properly and keep yourself and your loved ones safe.

Crash statistics and preventative measures

In this training course, you will learn how to spot potentially hazardous situations with greater ease and how to react to them speedily. You will be well equipped to plan ahead for unexpected eventualities; to be alert at all times; to be in a position to react to other drivers errors; and to avoid dangerous distractions that might impair your senses to events surrounding you.

There are usually so many factors that increase the likelihood of being involved in a motor-vehicle accident. Bad weather leading to poor visibility and slippery roads, insufficient knowledge on reaction distance, clear distance and right-of-way and various emergencies are all high risk factors that students learn about in order to reduce their statistical likelihood of being in a crash.

By learning about the combination of factors that usually precede a crash as well as a second collision students are shown how to moderate them or just decrease their impact if total avoidance becomes impossible.

The calculation for insurance premiums is usually based on the risk involved for the insurer and the probability of a driver being involved in a crash. The training course in defensive driving strives to reduce this probability and trainees make significantly fewer claims than untrained drivers. Take advantage of this opportunity to make reasonable financial savings as well as to save your life and the lives of other road users around you.

Be Safe During The Coming Labor Day Weekend!

There are a lot of things to expect each time Labor Day comes. Apart from the fact that there is a good reason to party out with your friends and family, you have to take note that a lot of vehicles are out on the road for the Labor Day weekend. With this in mind, you need to exercise extra caution while you are out on the road either heading to a local celebration or driving home to your family in the next state.

Of course, all the safety driving tips you have learned from your instructor in your driving school in Malden will apply on this special occasion. Keep it that way and your Labor Day Weekend will be a happy, memorable moment for you and the ones you love! Here are more tips about how to be safe during the Labor Day weekend.

Plan your itinerary


Whether you are planning to host a party at home for your friends or you have to show up to a party hosted by your peer, you have to plan your trips accordingly. What you do not want is making unnecessary trips during a period whether traffic will be congested. For example, it will be best to list down all the things you need to lessen trips to the grocery store during this very busy weekend.

You are out to have fun this particular Labor Day weekend. This is why we are reiterating the importance of planning your party beforehand. Make sure you have stocked on paper plates, plastic spoons and forks and disposable cups for your guests. In case you run out of supplies, think of alternatives later on. If you have run out of drinks, tendency is you will run to the store nearest you and get a few drinks for you and your friends before you call the night out. Forget about that. If there are no more bottles of beer on the fridge, take it as a sign to call it a night.

Remember that the lesser the number of times you go out, the lesser the chances of facing mishaps on the road. If you are invited to a friend’s house, it will be best to leave your place early and avoid leaving at the last minute which you will be pressured into driving fast to your destination.

Check your car

If you are driving out-of-state, it will be good to inspect your car to make sure you are ready to make the Labor Day trip. Perhaps, your car needs a tune up and when it does, never hesitate to visit the mechanic. If you are in need of routine maintenance, have an oil change and get your tires rotated. Make sure too that your brake pads are in a good working condition. You have to make it a point to do this at least several days before the Labor Day weekend. That way, you will ease yourself of the chances of meeting an accident down the highway. You do not want any mechanical fault to destroy a trip that you have planned for a long time.

Party moderately

Partying entails a lot of activities including drinking sprees with friends and Labor Day Weekend is never exempted from those types of recreational events. Sometimes, you are very much in the mood that you tend to forget counting the bottles of beers you have taken or the glasses of cocktails you have ordered. Unless you are the passenger or you know you are leaving the place the next day at least you are sober, it will be best to party moderately. Do not drink over the legal limit if you know that you are responsible for driving yourself and a few other people home.

Appoint another driver who will drive for you home

This applies in any case – whether you are hosting your own party or you are going to your friend’s house on Labor Day. Delegating will be good especially if you know you are going to have a few drinks during the occasion. Make sure that the assigned driver will not drink alcohol though.

Driving Techniques You Will Learn In An Advanced Driving Course

Learning how to drive can be quite challenging for a lot of people but once you get the hang of it, you will want to take things a notch higher and try something new. That is why there are advanced driving courses offered in many driving schools. Remember that advanced driving does not just teach you newer skills. It also makes sure you are safe when facing adverse situations on the road. Here are some driving techniques you will learn in an advanced driving course:


This will involve shifting into manual mode when driving an automatic car. If you own an automatic car and you have learned how to drive it without sweat, then perhaps you might want to know what happens in case you shift to manual mode. You will learn that in advanced driving and you will definitely be able to know if you will have the same smooth and efficient driving that you enjoy with automatic transmissions.

Handling all-wheel drive (AWD)

Basically, you already know how to operate a car with a two-wheel drive system. In an advanced driving course, you will learn much more than that, that is, to operate a car with a transmission system that always operates using all four wheels. This is otherwise known as all-wheel drive.

Handbrake turns

It will be very difficult to do handbrake turns if it is your first time. Depending on the season of the year and the surface you are working on, the more difficult it becomes. You cannot easily determine how much grip is needed in a given circumstance. Add to that, you might need some help using the handbrake turn in order to park your car. This is why it is important to attend advanced driving courses to allow you to adjust to any grip issue you will encounter.

Trail braking

Trail braking is something you should look forward to in an advanced driving course. It offers a lot of advantages apart from the fact that the technique will teach you how to use all the track as you achieve the desired line in a given corner. It can allow you to begin braking later than usual and will also help you discover the natural understeer tenancies of the car that you are using.

Heel-to-toe shifting

Matching those revs can be very difficult to do but once you have mastered how to shift down then you will be more than satisfied. Add to that the fact that you can go faster down the road and that your transmission components will be very happy with the shifting that you do. It will be good to use the brakes at all times too. You can master this driving technique during an advanced driving course.

Braking with the left foot

You may think that this is unnecessary but once you own wagons or other vehicles that require the use of the left foot when braking then you will realize that your assumption about left foot braking is not true at all. Doing this can be quite difficult at first that is why you need an expert to assist you as you learn the process.

Driving within limits

This is one driving technique that requires a lot of patience. Some of you just want to step on the gas and run as fast as you want to get to your destination. If you want to make sure you are safe on the road, you have to master the art of driving within limits and you can do so with advanced driving courses.

Enroll in an advanced driving school in Malden and learn all the driving techniques mentioned above as well as other driving strategies that you never knew existed!

Getting To Know The Driver’s License Restrictions If You Have Not Reached 18 Yet

In the United States, there is a type of driver’s permit which is issued to individuals who are still in the process of learning how to drive. This is classified as a restricted or provisional license because it will not allow you to do the same things as those who have already met the requirements for holding a normal driver’s license. After you have met the requirements for holding the permit, you will be issued your own driver’s license. There are restrictions though, in case the license was issued before you reach the age of 18. Here is what you need to know:

Passenger restrictions

For the first six months of attaining your driver’s license and you are under 18, you have to remember that you may only drive with a licensed driving instructor or a parent or guardian who has a driver’s license. You can also drive with a person who is over 20 years old, provided he has been holding his license for 4 years without any driving violation committed within the last 4 years. For the next 6 months, you can drive with just immediate family members around.

Curfew restrictions

There are curfew restrictions imposed as well up until you reach your 18th birthday. Basically, you will not be allowed to drive between 11PM and 5AM. Exemptions to this restriction apply if you are driving for school and for employment purposes. The same exemptions apply when you are driving the vehicle for emergency cases and when you attend religious activities.

Restrictions when using seatbelts

You may be aware of the fact that many of the road mishaps take place due to the negligence in wearing seatbelts. It is sad to note that millions do not buckle up for safety. When you have your license and you are still under 18 years of age, you must instruct all your passengers to wear the installed seatbelts in the vehicle. Of course, you as the driver must wear your seatbelts too. If not, this is considered a violation of your license.

Restrictions on the use of cellular phones

Texting is one of the causes of distracted driving in the United States. Statistics says that 1.6 million of the total car crashes every year are connected to the use of cellphones. It also says that 78% of all distracted drivers have the use of cellphones to blame for their distraction. These numbers alone can be very fatal not just to the driver but for all other people you meet down the road in the course of using your mobile phones or any other gadgets for that matter.

This is why you have to care about these restrictions when using your cellular phones while driving, and you are under 18. You should never use your phones when driving even if it comes with a hands-free device. You may not use any mobile device as well including hand-held computers with video display.

Following the rules

Some of you may question the many restrictions in place when you are under 18 years old. Come to think of it, you will not be issued a driver’s license unless you have satisfied all the necessary requirements. But this is one way to exercise caution and make you become a more responsible driver in the future. That way, you can avoid mishaps that can cost your own and other people’s lives.

Driving, after all, is a responsibility. Right, it can take you to destinations of your choice in the most convenient way but it does not mean you can should abuse this responsibility. Remember, everyone went through the same provisions too when they were just starting out on their driving journey. Make sure that when you are taking driving lessons in Malden, check with your instructor and let him or her explain the different restrictions clearly to you so that you will be on the right side of the law.