6 Mistakes That New Drivers Make And How To Avoid Them

It is strange how everyone seems to agree that good people may die young because of poor driving. That might be a general assumption but however, it has some truth in it – most car accidents today whether or not they involve young people always have something to do with poor driving. That is not everything though – the same accidents are always linked with new drivers who feel that following basic road rules is too much of a burden to bear.

Others take it as a reverse psychology kind of game. They see a stop sign and do the exact opposite – they go on driving. So the next time you see a road sign, take it seriously. At the end of the day, there is nothing entertaining, romantic or even funny about having to dispose what is left of your value priced car into a scrapyard. Simply be a diligent driver and while at it, avoid the following mistakes that most new drivers make.

Using the phone

It is hard to understand why motorists tend to think that if they cannot talk on the phone while driving, then they can text. Texting while you drive is in fact, more dangerous than talking on the phone. Your best bet is to keep your phone away completely as you drive. Stop at a safe spot and respond to a text or call if you really have to use your phone while on the road.


Teens, more than any other age, tend to speed all the time. This leads to yet another obvious statistic – that 90% of accidents that occur as a result of speeding involve young people. You do not have to be a statistic so be patient and drive at a moderate speed.


Discipline is all one needs to avoid tailgating. Think of it this way; you cannot see anything that the driver in front of you sees. With that in mind, anything that the driver in front of you does is unpredictable to you. There is also the fact that most drivers require at least 130 feet to come to a complete stop from 50mph.This simply means that the driver behind you has little time to hit the brakes as soon as you suddenly stop because of the car in front.

Driving under the influence

Again, this has much to do with young people. They lose their inhibitions and put their lives on the line. Fortunately, it is easy to avoid the problem. A good teen driving school in Malden can help your young loved one to avoid driving under the influence. Keep in mind though that you also have a role to play as far as teaching your teen son or daughter a thing or two about the dangers of driving under the influence. Simply explain to him or her that no matter how strong willed and fast one thinks he or she can be, alcohol and marijuana will always lower reaction time and increase callousness.

Seat belt etiquette

No one really knows why new drivers often have a problem observing basic seat belt rules. Most experts suspect that new drivers who do not wear seat belts are often under pressure to prove to others that they are ‘skilled’ when it comes to taking risks while driving. Avoid such shows of bravado as they more often than not, result to accidents and in some cases, death. If you have a young person attending a driving school or about to attend one, let them learn from you. Show them by example that one should not ignite a car without first putting on the seatbelts.


As a driver, you may face an extreme situation while on the road. It could be a traffic snarl up because of an accident or even a mild storm as you drive. The worst thing you can do in such situations is to panic. Simply be calm. Then if and when possible, consider taking a short course on defensive driving.

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