5 Tips to Teach Kids Safety In and Around Cars

Have you ever thought, why kids safety is essential while driving a vehicle?. The reason behind this is that kids are immature and childish in behavior. They do not understand the danger. It is the parents and guardians responsibility to teach them the various rules of safe driving. Parents should take extra care of their kids. Nowadays, every newspaper, magazines or pamphlets are filled with stories of road accidents and rash driving. Creating awareness about safety measures is utmost required for kids riding in the vehicle or around the car.

Below are five tips  which state how kids safety can be taken In and Around the cars 

  1. Safety rules for kids when they are inside the car:

Make sure that your kids understand the following:

  1. He/she should be of 16 years old for obtaining the learning license under the consent of parents or guardians for motor vehicles.
  2. The kid should wear a seat belt while driving the car.
  3. The kid should make use of driving signs while crossing the road.
  4. He/she should take precautions while driving, for example, wearing a helmet while riding a motorbike or a scooter.
  5. The person should look both ways while driving through a traffic signal.
  6. Follow proper lane rules for example: being in the right lane according to your speed.
  7. Follow the speed limit and be vigilant during changing lanes.
  8. If white light is seen behind any car; it means the vehicle is preparing to back up.
  9. He/she should never stick hands outside the vehicle.
  10. Always use child lock when any kid is sitting in the car.
  11. Be patient while driving and set an example for your kids.


  1. Good driving behavior is essential for safe driving : 

Kids are usually inattentive while driving the vehicle. They do not understand the danger involved while driving. They feel over experienced and overconfident on themselves. They should opt for the following behavior while on the road.

  1. They should not use their mobile phones for browsing the internet or talking to someone, as it causes distraction.
  2. They should be patient, calm, and in a good mood while driving. The angry or distracted mood and being in deep thought can cause diversions, increasing the chances of an accident.
  3. They should have sight fix on the roads and should not talk to any other person inside the car.


  1. Be aware of your surroundings 

We should be alert about our surroundings while walking, driving or running. We should be cautious if we see any kids alone in our surroundings. We should remember the below points :

  1. One should report on 911 numbers if you view or find any child alone anywhere.
  2. Always be alert to mischievous behaviors of kids, if you stay in an area where there are a lot of children.
  3. As kids usually love to do a lot of pranks, so be careful and look inside, behind or around the car before leaving.
  4. There should be safety signs or warning flags which indicate that children are playing in the nearby areas.
  5. You should be very careful about your speed while you are driving through the vicinity of any school.


  1. Parents responsibility for kids safety even when the vehicle is stationary

Parents should be extra careful with the kids.  Below are the few tips that parents should keep in mind for kids safety:

  1. They should never leave their kids inside the car alone even for a couple of mins.kids can suffer heatstroke, if the vehicle is standing in the sunny area.
  2. Ask kids to preferably sit at the back seat so that they do not cause a distraction for the driver.
  3. Always use the child lock so that the kids do not sneak out without your knowledge.
  4. Always keep the keys out of reach from kids.


  1. Astounding  Facts and Figures

Some facts and figures show that kids safety is essential while driving. 

  1. As per the statistics,50% of deaths happen due to road accidents.
  2. Wearing a quality helmet reduces the chance of injury during any crash.
  3. Child seat belts can reduce the likelihood of children during road accidents.
  4. 2% of accidents can be reduced by ensuring adherence to proper speed limits.


Conclusion : 

Keeping your kids safe all the time can be a very challenging job. At home, Parents take care of the kids, at school teachers do. But who will take care of children on the road or while driving the vehicle?. Hence, we should teach our kids the discussed tips to be safe In and around the cars.

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