5 Great Tips to Buy Your First Car

So you are close to finishing your driving school lessons, and it’s time to plan to buy your first car. Buying your first car can be exciting but at the same time quite challenging. Besides a house, buying a car is next big one-time investment by any individual. A car provides comforts and helps you to overcome the limitations of exploring the world in your spare time.

There are abundant options in the market with respect to the models suiting everyone’s needs. But choosing the right car still remains a difficult task, especially for the first time buyer. It requires a lot of research and planning, for some, it becomes a daunting nightmare.

Following are some tips to be kept in mind while making your first purchase and ensuring that you end up with the best option-

Evaluate your needs  

Be honest about your needs and assess your requirements as precisely as possible. Do not get enticed by fancy cars available in the market, they might come with some complicated features that you do not require or not be able to operate as a first-time driver. Choose what features carry more value for your needs and what don’t. For example, if you have a family then a two-seater car is unlikely to be suitable whereas considering buying an SUV for a similar purpose is likely to be more expensive.

Any car model that you choose will not be perfect for every situation, but it is quite easy to choose the one which is most beneficial for you and your lifestyle.

Setting up the right budget

Deciding on a budget to buy a car is very crucial. It will help you to determine the type of car that meets your needs and ensure its affordability within the set budget range. With this parameter, you will be able to determine whether to buy a new car or a used one.

Another big issue with driving is having to pay for all the running costs like fuel, road tax, and insurance. In addition, washing your car, checking tire pressures and oil levels demands monthly attention and have to be duly taken into account while calculating your budget.

Hesitation in buying a used car

People often re-think their decision of buying a used car as it carries a lot of difficulties. But, one should not overlook the advantages that a used car has over a new car, especially for the new drivers.

The value of a new car loses a part of its value the moment it hits the road and continues to depreciate significantly during the initial years of ownership. Moreover, its resale value is much less than its initial cost.

Take a test drive

Make sure you take a test drive for each option shortlisted to see how you feel in it and how it performs. There may be a possibility that a car with all features is highly uncomfortable for a new driver and the only way to know about is to try it first.

Take a few rounds and check all the primary features of the car like smooth accelerator, emergency brakes, efficient air conditioners, parking ease etc.

Look for extra benefits

Before you finalize the deal, make sure that you have done a proper research in the market. Shop around enough and consult atleast 2-3 different dealers and calculate the unique benefits each one is offering. Look out for the various finance options and the best insurance schemes to suit your budget and make sure that the dealer provides thorough assistance.

Speak to the sales staff about the added accessories that they might offer and the various service dates for your car. Also, don’t forget to try negotiating on the price to save you from overpaying.

After purchasing your first car, ensure that you resort to safe and smart driving skills. Do not get influenced by zooming cars passing by and remember that you should be well acquainted with the feeling of controlling a vehicle without any distraction.

4 Things to Keep in Mind while you Learn How to Drive

As a teenager, you must have always looked up to those fast racing cars in movies and other zooming cars on roads; wondering about how does it feel to have one yourself. Driving a car gives you a great sense of freedom and gets really exciting on roads. If you are a car enthusiast, you must have felt that there is something special about driving a car and exploring new things around. When you learn to drive, you overcome the restrictions of visiting places that you could visit earlier through public transport only. It opens up a new world for you altogether.

People consider passing a driving test as a key point in their lives and aspire to become great drivers. There is no doubt that driving is fun and carries a lot of positive aspects attached to it. However, there are few things that need to be pondered upon by the new drivers to become a great one –

Awareness of Road Rules

Even though the learner drivers have to pass a driving test before they take a car on roads, but one should always ensure that they are fully aware of the road rules first. There are times, when one might begin to feel overwhelmed with all the rules he/she has to remember, but the mind has to be cleared and totally focussed.

While looking at the older and more experienced drivers, a new driver is often enticed to drive the same and at times tends to bypass the road rules. Having a thorough knowledge of all the road signs you see on roads is a must and using turn signals are highly recommended.

Take proper training

Along with awareness of the complete road rule guide, professional training is a must. Whether you are new to roads or have become an experienced driver, there is always a room for improvement when it comes to driving. Taking a proper training from any driving school that has a dedicated expert driver will teach you and monitor while you drive.

To find the best one in your locality, look for the instructors that teach more than just basic driving skills. Good driving instructors have various tips to offer you a careful yet relaxed ways of driving. They help you in becoming a smart and responsible driver.

Don’t panic or freak out

Making mistakes is a normal part of learning but losing out your confidence and getting nervous while driving on road can land you up in more trouble. It is always best to have an experienced driver to supervise you during your initial learning days.

During sudden encounters with other speeding vehicles, try not to panic and rather take your vehicle over to the side of the road as soon as it is safe. Talk about what happened and how to avoid such incident in the future. Also, if the learner driver it too nervous or not in a mental state to drive, the other driver should take over the driving.

Undertaking a big responsibility

Driving a car is an experience that requires you to multitask which at times gets a little confusing and scary. You have to remember all the rules and keep your mind away from all sorts of distraction. Make sure you sleep enough to avoid any exhaustion while you drive. Do not be casual and negligent towards rules and never drive in a drunken state.

Remember that every time you get behind the wheel, you are operating a risky machine and also taking your safety and other’s safety in your own hands. Although driving is not something that one should be afraid of, but one should be capable or responsible of.

There’s no denying that driving makes your life so much easier by reducing your commuting time and easily turning an hour’s journey to a half. But, it surely has pros and cons attached to it. There are always some precautionary measures that come with driving a car; like the ones as discussed above. Consider them along with keeping a backup in case of sudden break down of car and always contact for nearby help.