Right Of Way Principles You Must Know

What do you usually do when a driver seems to go in your way down the road and that same driver will drive ahead because he think he is in the right of way? Sometimes, you feel angry about it, right? Well, the question here is: who is in the right of way? Right of way is a rule that says which car or driver should go first in case they meet another down the road.

If this rule is not followed, there is a chance for emotions bursting up and putting another one’s life in danger. Failure to yield right of way results to a lot of crashes down the road, and a big portion of the total has been recorded as fatal. It pays to review right of way principles then to avoid a fatal crash.

Pedestrians must be given the right of way always

When you see someone crossing along the same path you are driving on, that person has the right of way always. It is best to stop or at least slow down your car when you see a pedestrian who is crossing the road. Even when the pedestrian seems to be breaking the law, you have to give him the benefit by stopping and letting him cross.

Always obey traffic signs and road signals

You will always know through traffic signs if it is your turn to drive and go ahead. That is the green light on the traffic sign. If you need to wait then you have to let another driver go ahead. It is his right after all, as the sign indicates.

Never force your way into a lane

If you have always been driving mad and you seem to insist you can take a lane even if it is already taken then drop that habit. You should see to it that you do not get into any other’s way when driving. The other driver knows his right and will definitely not let another driver in as simple as that.

In driving, whoever comes first gets to go first

Remember the saying “first come, first served” This reminder is not just applicable in restaurants or when falling in line. It also applies to right of way principles. That is why if you meet another car in the intersection, whoever got there first should always go ahead first. Do not make it a habit to get the spot if you just came in second.

Right of way rules principle may also vary from one road to another

Allow drivers on paved roads to go first if you are coming from an unpaved road. If you are on a two-lane road, you have to allow cars on those roads that have more lanes to go first. It is as simple as the fact that you have to yield to cars on a six-lane road if you are on a four-lane road. Add to this, you must also yield to the other car when it is already on the road and you are still coming out from an alley or a private driveway.

Always yield to the car that is located on the right

If the principles above don’t seem clear, always make the driver on the right go first if you are on the left. It is about taking turns when going clockwise on an intersection. Sometimes, you must just give the other the right of way in order to avoid accidents down the road.

It is always best to pay respect to the other party down the road – whether it is another driver or a pedestrian. If you exercise patience and caution, you will be able to avoid accidents down the road. Learn more about all these right of way principles through a professional driving school in Malden.

The Most Dangerous Driving Habits You Must Avoid

There will come a time in your life when you have to deal with bad drivers or bad driving skills. In fact, if you are a driver yourself, you may have encountered many of them down the road. Understand that some people do not even know that there is something bad with what they are doing and because of that it becomes a habit. If you are a driver, here are the most dangerous driving habits you must avoid to help save lives.

Going over the speed limit

Every city or state has its own rules when it comes to speed limits. Many drivers out there think it is okay to go 10 miles per hour above the speed limit. They presume that they can easily slowdown in case a police officer can be spotted along the highway. This is a bad habit that someone else may carry anytime, anywhere. Take the risk and you will surely put you and anybody’s life in danger on the road.

Driving without a license

Securing a driver’s license is very much important in many countries all over the world. Your license signifies that you are prepared to be a responsible driver. Take note – a responsible driver, not a reckless driver. Some teenagers nowadays, however, take the risk to drive down the road thinking that police officers won’t stop everyone they see driving down the road. But what if accidents happen and they find out you don’t have a license? You will surely be at fault when this is the case and you have to pay the price for bending the law.

Driving under the influence

There is always a strict enforcement when it comes to driving under the influence. Remember that alcohol can make you feel dizzy at some point no matter how little or how much you have taken in from a friend’s party. Drunk driving, take note, is one of the most dangerous driving habits all over the world. If you have been drinking and partying, it is safest to stay on that place up until you are sober and more than ready to drive yourself and others home. You do not want getting caught out there and police officers enforcing a fine when they have caught you driving under the influence.

Driving as you wish when there are no signal lights

Signal lights or traffic lights are more likely to be spotted on busy streets. When you are in these areas, it follows that you must abide by the traffic rules. But what if you are in a spot where you cannot see any of this sign? Sometimes, it becomes your license to drive as you wish without thinking that there can be someone else out there driving on the same road as you. You have to take extra care when driving whether you are heading a busy street or not.

What you can do

The last thing anyone wants is to put the life of someone else at risk but if you continue to do the bad driving habits mentioned above then there is always a chance you will meet accidents down the road. Remember that there is a price to pay for your negligence. In order to make sure that you are avoiding all these things from happening, it is best to put yourself in the shoes of others. Think of what you will feel when someone accidentally hits you and your car on the road due to the following reasons mentioned herein. We bet you will definitely get mad about it.

You know you can avoid all these bad driving habits – it’s perhaps time for you to take up a course on defensive driving in Malden.