How To Deal With Road Rage As A Beginner Driver

Road rage is something that happens all the time. You may be driving while listening to your favorite song when suddenly a car out of nowhere roars past and as if it is nothing at all, the driver swerves promptly cutting you off. The most annoying thing is that the driver of the vehicle does this act as if he is oblivious of his immediate environment.

Still, you may have come to a gentle halt when all of sudden a driver starts blaring horn behind you. It even gets worse when you check your rear view mirror. So how do you exactly deal with road rage as a beginner driver? These tips will show you how to handle the unexpected and stay safe on the road.

Learn to manage your emotions

It is very easy to get upset or angry. Yes! You may end up hurling a few curse words in the air or being tempted to step on the pedal and cut off your new road enemy just give him a test of his medicine. It is said that holding onto anger is like holding a very hot coal with the sole intent of throwing it to your enemy. The longer you hold the more you get hurt.

Therefore, the best way to handle road rage incidences is learning to manage your emotions. The guy who may have cut you off will be long gone by the time you start swearing. He will not even hear a word. So do not let your anger ruin your day, distract you when you are driving or make you do something that will cost you.

Dealing with anger

First and foremost, take a deep breath and gently release it. Repeat this for several minutes as you divert your attention to the apple of your eye. Now imagine that he or she has just called you and is desperately in need of your help and you are the only option in terms of aid. Think of how you would be driving if that happened to be the case.

Now put the driver who just made you mad into the same situation. There you go! At first, you may mind may be a little rebellious to this reasoning. However, you will soon figure that the person is possibly driving recklessly on the road because he is in a predicament. Though there is no clear way to ascertain it, it could actually be the case. This will help you manage the anger.

Stay calm

Taking deep breaths really helps in this case. Once you have a firm grip of your emotions, you can try to focus on something else preferably something that you like to do. You can also look forward to exciting things you will be doing during the day just to lighten the mood. By doing so, you will be changing your thought pattern and slowly getting rid of your anger.

As you let go of the anger, you will be calmer and you will have your attention on the road. The possibilities of taking an action that could lead to more acts of violence will be dimmer and you will be on the safer side.

As a beginner driver, there will be a lot to distract you on the road. Road rage is one of the common things that you will experience. Therefore, keep in mind that it does not just happen to you alone. It also happens to other people who have emotions just as much as you do. You can learn to manage your emotions. You can also go to an advanced driving school in Malden so that you can learn better driving techniques to keep yourself safe on the road.

Amazing Apps That Will Keep You From Texting When Driving

Most people know that it is really dangerous to text while driving yet they still do it. Where could the problem be? Some do it out of sheer reflex while others out of curiosity. Stealing a glance at your phone to answer a text can cost you dearly. Distracted driving is one of the leading causes of fatal road accidents and numerous injuries. Texting while driving not only puts your life in danger, but also endangers the life of every other person on the road. To avoid this bad habit, here is a list of amazing apps that will help you stay focused when you take the wheel.

This amazing app reads any incoming texts, emails and calls aloud. Thus, it eliminates the need to reach down for your phone when there is an incoming call or message, which may take your eyes off the road for a split second. That split second can cost you a lot if you are driving without the app. Thanks to the app, you no longer have to worry about phone distractions. The best part is that it responds to all your recipients automatically. You can go about conversations hands-free.

AT&T DriveMode

DriveMode is an app that limits certain feature on your phone. It does so by automatically sending preset replies to your recipients notifying them that you are driving. Once you launch the app, it proceeds to silence calls, emails and texts. Thus, you can hardly get distracted while driving. Most importantly, the app blocks you from reading or typing anything on your device. There is absolutely no room for distraction. It only allows you to dial 911 or make a maximum of 5 calls when driving thus guaranteeing safety.


This app will definitely amaze you. It goes a long way just to make sure that you do not mess at all on the road. How so? Well, it simply uses GPS to gauge the speed of your vehicle and if you are driving at 15mph for instance, it will totally disable texting. Therefore, you will not be able to receive any incoming texts or respond to one.

However, if you are driving at a speed lower than 10mph, you can unlock the messages and respond to them. What happens if you are in a train, which does more than 15mph? Well, if you have the app installed in your phone, you would have to request for permission from the admin. The admin will override the settings allowing you to use your phone.


This app is more or less like a personal assistant. It acts as a partial auto-text responder so that when you get a message, your eyes will still be on the road. Just like Textecution, it is also highly sensitive to motion and will completely disable texts if you are driving over 10mph. The best part about the app is that it easily allows you to preset the best reply texts in advance if you are certain that you are going to be preoccupied at a later time.

You no longer have to worry about distractions even as a beginner driver who has started driving lessons in Malden. It is important to take precautions to avoid causing harm to yourself and other people when driving. These apps simply ensure that your eyes are on the road all the time. Texting can be quite addictive especially if you like conversing via your mobile device. So if you know that you have the habit of texting when driving, get any of these apps and you will able to respond to a number of texts without exposing yourself to harm.