Why Adopting Defensive Driving Techniques Is Important For Novice Drivers

You are wondering why you need to adopt defensive driving techniques and how this would be of any value to you. The truth is that all drivers need to adopt defensive driving techniques, especially new drivers and those with poor driving records. These techniques make the highways and streets safer and prevent accidents on the roads. Get your course in a defensive driving school in Malden to equip yourself with techniques that will not only save your life but other road users too.

When you take defensive driving courses, you learn to be more aware, alert and be safe while driving. These techniques will not only save your life but they will enable you to get out of citations and reduce your auto insurance premiums. Read on to learn why you need to adopt defensive driving techniques and why it is important.

Help you get out of a ticket

Every driver dreads seeing those flashing lights in their rear view that indicate you are being pulled over for a traffic offense. This happens to most drivers even the most experienced ones. Taking a defensive driving course can help you to remove or reduce the fines that come with a ticket. The ticket gets removed from your driving record and this helps you avoid getting points on your license. As a new driver, the defensive driving course will prove that you are a good driver and so you can easily get out of a ticket.

Can reduce license point deductions

Are you looking to avoid losing points on your driving license? You can do this by taking a defensive driving course. If you already have lost points, it’s not too late to do something about it.  Taking a defensive driving course can help you reduce the number of deductions you have accumulated. Some states reduce as many as four points from a driving license record when you undertake a defensive driving course. Accumulating too many deductions can cost a driver his driving license and the ability to legally drive.

Can reduce your auto insurance premium

Insurance companies take comfort in covering safe drivers. The only way to convince your insurer that you are a safe driver is by taking a defensive driving course and this way, your auto insurer will reduce your premiums. In case you get a ticket or get in an accident, your premiums still get reduced due to the fact you have defensive driving techniques. What most drivers don’t realize is that when one accumulates too many points in a driving license, the insurance company can increase the auto insurance premiums.

Can protect your license

Traffic offenses like driving under influence are very serious offenses which can lead a driver to lose his license. Some states require drivers found in DUI or reckless driving take a mandatory defensive driving course before they can be allowed to be on the road again. No driver wants to lose their license and so it’s vital that one undertakes a defensive driving course.

Can save your life

As a driver, you need to learn defensive driving techniques not only to save money on insurance, ticket fees or saving your license but to realize that this course benefits you first of all. Defensive driving techniques help you acquire skills on the road that are very vital and help you to save your life and others on the road. You stand a 90% chance to survive from road accidents when you undertake a defensive driving course. Some of the lessons covered in the course include avoiding distractions, preventing accidents, how to deal with reckless drivers and so much more. Research shows that drivers who undertake defensive driving courses have a low fatality rate than those who don’t.

How You Can Overcome A Driving Phobia

The idea of learning how to drive excites many and this is an experience most people look forward to. Check online for reviews about where to get the best driving lessons in Malden before you enroll in a driving school. Just because you have completed your driving course and have a valid license, it does not mean you are ready to be on the road yet. There are cases of a few people who love the idea of driving but they are terrified at the thought of driving alone on a highway or urban roads. If you have fears about driving on your own as a novice driver, here are some tips on how you can overcome the fear of driving.

Have someone next to you

Having the fear of driving does not mean that you are not a good driver; it simply means you are anxious about being on the road without someone near you. Start by asking a family member or friend to accompany you while you drive short distances just to make you feel at ease. They don’t have to be licensed drivers themselves to keep you company as you drive around. With time you get used to driving around and soon enough you find you have the confidence to drive alone. Don’t shy away to ask for a company for as long as you need to until you are sure your fear driving is gone.

Have a professional instructor teach you how to drive

Most new drivers are afraid to drive because they have no idea what to expect while driving. Make sure you enroll in a good driving school with a good reputation to take up your driving course. In a driving school, you get actual driving time which means you get to sit behind the wheel under the guidance of a professional. This helps to ease the tension and you become confident with time. These instructors teach you important skills on driving and how to overcome your fears while driving.

Start by driving around during daytime

If you are afraid to drive around, ensure that you start by driving short distances during day time. Day time allows you to see clearly where you are driving to. Driving during night time can be challenging at times even for the most experienced drivers. You have to be keen and keep a look out for pedestrians, animals and other drivers. If you have a driving phobia, driving at night can worsen the situation. Once you are confident enough you can drive without being afraid, you can then start driving at night to overcome the fear of night driving.

Face your fears

Some people get the fear of driving after experiencing a horrific road accident or witnessing carnage. Such traumatic experiences can make one fear being on the road. You need to face your fears and get back on the road as soon as possible. The longer one takes to get behind a steering wheel after an accident, the longer it takes for them to overcome driving phobias. You can also seek professional help from therapists to help you overcome your fear of driving by getting over your past experiences.

Use music to allay your phobia

Listening to music while driving is considered to be distracting but this does not apply to all drivers. You can try listening to your favorite music while driving. Music is known to soothe one and helps one to relax more. Try to listen to slow and soft music rather than loud and fast music. You can also listen to motivational CD’s to help you get over your fear of driving. Avoid listening to high volumes as this may distract you while driving.