How To Drive Safely When There Are Big Trucks Sharing The Road

When you look at a great number of driving tips, you will notice that “patience” and “awareness” are words that mostly appear especially when advice is given for driving on roads that have big trucks. For a fact, these two virtues come in handy when you find yourself in a road with big trucks. This is because it is important to drive safely when the big trucks are around. You do not want to get involved in a nasty accident. In light of that, here is a look at some of the most effective tips that can help you drive safely when you encounter big trucks.

Do not take chances

Most drivers will feel inclined to speed up and cut a big truck off just when it is about to move into their lane (to avoid getting behind it). While you may have the upper hand of getting ahead of the truck and avoiding any delays or obstructions, this move actually puts you in danger. This is because a truck does not have the ability to hit the brakes fast as an ordinary car. That means that if you abruptly cut ahead of a big truck and then make a halt, you are likely to be involved in a serious accident. Therefore, you are better off not taking chances. If anything, try putting up with the inconvenience to avoid nasty accidents.

Passing carefully

With big trucks in the picture, it is important to give more space than you do with other automobiles when making a normal pass. A good point of reference is the rig front. Ensure that the rig front is clearly visible in your rear-view mirror before going back to the truck’s lane. The whole point of passing carefully is to avoid a scenario where a truck driver is forced to brake abruptly. Therefore, it is important to be particularly careful when passing big trucks as recommended by professionals teaching in an advanced driving school in Malden.

Looking out for the turns

When it comes to turns, it is always advisable to operate under the assumption that the driver of the big truck cannot entirely see you. This is because professional truck drivers may see the need of swinging wide to the left or right so they can effectively make a right or left turn. That means that any attempt to squeeze directly beside or behind them could result in a collision.

Since the last thing you want is an accident of any sort, it is important to exercise patience and wait to see where the truck is going to turn before making a move. Moreover, you should allow the truck enough space when it makes a turn.

Waiting when the truck is reversing

In many cases, due to their size, trucks cannot avoid but block or distract traffic when reversing into a side-street or a driveway. In that case, you should never try to drive behind a truck when it is reversing or preparing to reverse. Attempting to drive around the rear of the truck easily puts you in one of the truck’s blind spot, which increases the chances of being squeezed into a corner by the truck. Furthermore, a truck could actually be avoiding danger on the other side.

Whenever you are driving your car, it is important to observe caution especially when you come across big trucks. These are useful tips that can help you navigate roads occupied by big trucks safely without getting involved in any sort of accident. Most importantly, it is advisable to always exercise patience as it goes a long way to avoid potential accidents.

You Should Know These Laws That Pertain To Using The Cellphone When Driving

It is not uncommon to see drivers taking calls or actually texting while driving their cars. The habit has significantly grown over the years prompting, various states to go on a crackdown due to safety concerns. In light of safety concerns, quite a number of states, municipalities and the like have actually placed bans on certain uses of cellphones when driving. These include cellphone uses by novice drivers, which can become a serious driving hazard.

Debate on safety

Survey indicates that nearly 25% of accidents that occur at a given time are a result of driver inattention. The question is does the phone really distract a driver? Well, various studies reveal different things. Some reveal that making or answering phone calls when driving causes distraction and leads to accidents. Others suggest that actual phone conservation is the leading culprit particularly if the driver is emotionally attached.

You may wonder whether the use hands-free devices are an exception when it comes to distraction. The fact of the matter is that they are not any safer as compared to hand-held devices. This is because many drivers spend a lot of time fiddling with either the headphones or earphones trying to make them work better.

Knowing laws on use of cellphones when driving

Apparently, the debate over safety concerns has prompted a significant number of states, local municipalities and other relevant parties to impose bans on certain types of mobile use when driving. Here is a look at some of these laws:

State bans on cellphone use

It is very evident that a good number of states have actually outlawed the use of mobile devices when driving. This particularly applies to certain types of drivers depending on the situations that they are involved in on a daily basis. However, a few exceptions can be made as in the case of emergencies where parties such as medical personnel, fire department among others are involved.


A significant number of states have actually banned texting while driving for all drivers. That means that if you are found texting while driving your car, you will be pulled over for a primary offence. Therefore, it is best to avoid texting as long these laws exist.

Use of handheld mobile devices

With regard to the use of handheld cellphones, a good number of states have set laws that prohibit drivers from using their devices when driving. That means that these states actually allow basic enforcement of an offense. In that case, a police officer can stop you if you are using your cellphone while driving.

Novice automobile drivers

There are also a number of states that have put in place special driving laws that outline how drivers still learning to drive, for example students at a driving school in Maiden, should operate while on the road. Novice drivers include individuals who merely possess a learner’s permit especially the ones under the age of 18.These States do not allow drivers under the age of 18 to use any type of communication gadget when driving. That simply puts that the law essentially allows primary enforcement.

School bus drivers

In this regard, a significant number of states have banned the use of cellphone especially when passengers are present in the bus. This aims at ensuring the safety of children and other passengers is not compromised due to reckless driving resulting from use of cellular devices.

These are some of the laws that essentially pertain to the use of cellphones when driving. There are other laws that also deal with cellular use when driving. However, they vary depending on the State. It is important to ensure that you know the state laws regarding the use of cellphone when driving to avoid being pulled over for a primary offence.