Top Tips For Driving In Rainy Weather

Novice and professional drivers will both experience the burden of driving when it is raining outside. With the raindrops falling down not only on the car’s roof but also on the road, everything else can be a problem. The road definitely becomes slippery and will make you take slow but sure steps when driving. How do you deal with rainy weather when driving? Here are a few tips to bear in mind.

Always be calm

Beating the rainy weather is not an ordinary driving condition and when you feel like struggling a bit in this weather, all you need to do first is be calm. Always remember that it is better to be safe than sorry and that the more you panic, the more likely you will meet an accident with the bad weather condition.

Keep some distance from the vehicle ahead of you

If you have the tendency to put your car too near the vehicle in front of you, remember not to do the same when you are driving in an inclement weather. Tailgating will only lead to severe accidents especially when the road is slippery. It will be best to increase your following distance to more than four seconds since it can take a little longer for you to make a stop in extreme weather conditions. This can also help you work with your car brakes at a better pace.

Take things slowly

You have been driving down the road for several months now. This will somehow make you a good driver already. But, what if you have been used to taking things abruptly when compared to usual. You make fast turns, change lanes every now and then as well as start and stop abruptly. When it is raining outside, it is advised that you do all these things slowly but surely. That is the best way to keep safe down the road.

Always warn other drivers that you exist

During normal driving conditions, it will be normal to keep your signal lights off at broad daylight. Well, this cannot be the same thing when driving during a rainy weather. You have to warn other drivers that you are there and you can only do this by turning your hazard signs on and making sure your lights are in good shape. You do not want another vehicle crashing at your rear side just because you forgot to warn them that you are there.

Know what to avoid down the road

Whether you own a vehicle that can conveniently travel down the road even during bumpy rides or you have a car model that is not as rough as others out there, you have to know which to avoid while driving in this extreme weather condition. There can be pools of water down the road. When you have seen one ahead, it is best to avoid them right away provided you will not put other motorists at risk. It will be best to drive around the pool of water or to take a different route as much as possible. This pool of water may have a pothole underneath.

Remember not to cross running water as well since this water can have a greater weight than that of your car. When you cross it, your car can float and be taken off the road. As you deal with such part of the road, it will be best to tap the brake pedals lightly. This will help remove too much water stuck on your rotors.

The rainy weather is just one of those inclement weather conditions that you need to deal with when driving. In order to beat such conditions, it will be best to learn driving through the help of a dependable driving school in Malden.

The Effects Of Listening To Music While Driving

How many of you find comfort in driving while listening to your favorite music playing over the radio or your car’s stereo? Well, we bet many of you seek solace in playing these sounds as you travel from one place to another especially when it is a long distance drive. Haven’t you thought though that doing so can actually have some drastic effects? Let us weigh in on these.

Loss of focus

Losing focus while driving and listening to music is possible especially when you pay particular attention to the beat of the drums or the lyrics of the song playing over the radio. Yes, it can be fun but what if you are so engrossed with the sound that you tend to increase the stereo’s volume so you can listen to the words clearly? With your fascination to the sound, you even sing along with it even when you do not really know the lyrics.

All of these tendencies can definitely make you focus more on the music rather than focus your mind on the road. When you lose focus to the real reason while you are driving then you can be prone to accidents down your lane. This will put not only your life at risk but also those of other motorists.

Effect on driving style

Meaning, music can have an effect on your driving style. Yes, music can influence how you drive down the road and the effects can really be drastic and may lead to serious outcomes. Some results can even be fatal. Depending on the music’s tempo – ranging from slow to fast – the effects can vary.

It was found particularly in a study that when the music’s tempo increases, the risk of colliding with other cars will be higher. It was found out in that same study that many drivers listening to music will tend to beat the red light. It is then advised that defensive driving be included in your list of priorities when learning how to drive. Novice and professional drivers must also know the do’s and don’ts when listening to music while driving.

The songs you love can also have an impact on your driving

When driving and listening to music, it does not matter what type of music genre you are more inclined to listening to. Old folks may love classical and love songs while the newer generation may be more fascinated with R&B or hip hop. Does the tempo really matter when it comes to putting your life at risk when driving?

While the study mentioned above that exposure to faster music tempo can put your life at risk when driving, it is also emphasized that the music you love can definitely put your driving at risk too. Say for instance, you love listening to R&B or love songs which are ultimately slow in terms of tempo. These songs may be slow but since you love listening to them, there is a tendency that you will be more inclined to sing the song thus making you lose your focus while driving. The same is true if you love classical or hip hop beats.

What’s the solution to this situation?

Some of you may ask, if music puts your life at risk when driving then why do car manufacturers place car stereos in their cars? You will definitely presume that this car feature is useless. Well, you can always listen to music if you want to but make sure you are a responsible driver who will never be bothered by the sound in the background. Never get distracted by the songs you hear.

It will also be good to enroll in a defensive driving school in Malden first and be familiar with the do’s and don’ts when it comes to driving while listening to music.